Extrusion Gabions

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Gabion Retaining Wall Supplier

Introducing this high molecular polymer extrusion attached on hot dipped galvanized steel wire woven mesh gabions.

The extrusion polymer could be high density polythene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) and is characterized with the features of ultraviolet resistance, anti-aging, chemical resistance, great ductility, free of damage done by rats and insects, reinforcement, separation, filtering, drainage and soil stability.

Gabion Retaining Wall

Extrusion gabions is kind of fine geosynthetic for enhancing river bank and road surface, and other soft soil foundtions, it has become nonreplaceable material in eco-friendly gabions projects. This product adopts high strength woven gabions and it’s planted into net backing through advanced warp knitting technology and receiveds it’s planting media effects.