Galfan Wire

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Galfan Wire

Galfan WireGalfan wire is a type of wire that was coated with Alu-Zinc compound layer.

There are 2 types of Galfan wire depending on thickness, or the percentage of Alu to Zinc on its outer coating layer , 5% and 10% . 5% means the level of Aluminum are approximately 5%, 10% means the level of Aluminum is approximately 10%, it usually is higher than 10%.

The iner wire ( core ) are normally high quality low carbon steel rod ( Q195 or similar ), since the Coated layer are essentially melted Alu-zinc alloy, the controlling technology is very critical to balance the coating proportion while keeping its physical strength.

Galfan was widely adopted in modern industry for it’s long-lasted performance of corrosion resistancy. An ordinary ( 240 g/m2 or plus ) hot dipped galvanized steel wire can probably sustain  1-3 years in the standard air humidity conditon before corrosion, 5% Alu-zinc Galfan wire easily triple the lasting time.

The reason that Galfan is so strong in prevention of loss on galvanizing layers is that its Aluminum layer automatically generates a stablized oxidation film,  Galfan has been tested in various of humidity conditons ( or salt spray test) to prove to be the optimal in water related civil treatment projects & applications.

Galfan coating technology was introduced to mainland China 15 years ago by a Taiwan businessman, it has been quickly spreaded. There are different methods or procedures to fabricate Galfan but high temperature controlled pot process is an indispensable section.

In recent year 10% Alu-Zinc Galfan are more provailled because the cost of both 5% & 10% are same due to mass production.

Our Galfan Features

  • Using TNS Japanese technology we made the world’s best quality 10% Alu-Zinc Pot Melting high standard Galfan wire.
  • Our Galfan wire diameters are from 1.6mm -2.2-3.0 – 4.0 – 5.0- 6.0- 8.0 mm with galvanizing thickness from 260g/m2 to 587g/m2 respectively.
  • TNS is the only one Japanese Chinese joint ventured Galfan Wire plant in China.
  • TNS Japanese headquarter hold world’s most complete lab & tested data with consecutive tracking on Galfan wire, especially for retreving protective oxidation film on welding spots, to proof the superior performance than that of meshpanels went through welding electro submergence methods.
  • Besides internaional corrosion protection requriement (BSEN10244-2;2001 wih coated weight), Our galfans coating layer featured the least eccentricity and maximum proportionating degree, it remained high coating layer & yet consistant tensile strength, compare to other galfan factories our galfans possess the longest corrosion resistance espacially for over 350g coating thickness.
  • Our Galfan surface has no pimple and bumpers, no cracks when bend or twisted, this is very important when fabricating meshes.

Custom Tailored Galfan Products

Our Galfan wires meet the world highest standards by CEN & ASTM, our available production for global market is 1000 tons per month, we load 20-25 tons for a 20′ container, we supplied to a leading U.K mesh manufacture with custom specs  wire dia 2.2-3.0 / 1kg coils to 20 kg coils independant package.

  • Custom specs  wire dia 2.0-2.2-3.0-3.5-4.0-.50 mm in 1kg coils to 20 kg -50 kg – 100 kg – 300 kg coils independant packages.
  • Galfan Alu-Zinc galvanizing thickness are customer tailored available, all from 260g/m2 to 587g/m2.
  • One popular example of a customer tailored Galfan in the maximum coating is 430g for 2.0 mm, 460 for 2.2mm.

Not so many people know that Galfan mesh panel is better than ordinary electroplating after welding panels on corrosion resistancy. thanks to Galfan’s protective aluminum oxide layer, the welded points soon grow oxide film that is strong enough to guard.

  • TNS is the first Galfan Manufacture in China that applied Galfan wire to gabions, it later on was introduced to livestock custom design applications.
  • Recent years Galfan wire was used in ocean raise nettings.
  • We met all the wire specification requirements (BSEn10218-3;1997 and of a tensile strength within the range of400-600N/mm2).
  • TNS weld panel has strength remained to be 70% of the ultimate tensile strength.  on high galvanizing coating to maintain tensile strength within range of 400-600N/mm2.
  • Competitor’s galfan wire is less propotionated on coating layer especally for layer that is higher than 350g/m2

Case Study

Melting Pot

Japanese Galfan Alu-Zinc melting & attaching pot line.

This superior machine is completely imported from Japan, and operated by engineer assigned from TNS Japan headquater.

Galfan Wire Manufacturer

Wire Surface

Our Galfan sufface outlooks —  after 10 consecutive years test held in Japan.

This is our compare — some of the other galfan wire.

Oxidation Film

This is 10-years 4.0mm 350g Galfan Welded Gabion, inner core wire is inevitably rusted but out layer is perfactly well.

Galfan is not necessarily needed to be looked shinning, when it is exposed to the air it generate a oxide film (for sure 100%), so it turned darker a bit. it’s a good sign! Although a flesh eye can’t tell much for genuine.

Winding Test

Winding or twisting test is an common method to check Galfan layer, you may take a close look to see if there’s cracks and pimples on the surface.

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