Welded Gabions

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Welded Gabion Baskets Supplier

We supplies

  • Popular Welded Gabions are using hot dipped galvanized steel wire from 3mm diameter to 5mm or even 8mm, higher options include wire type of PVC-Zinc Coated, Triple Life corrosion protection (95% zinc 5% Aluminium / 90% zinc 10% Aluminium ) or 304 or 316 stainless steel wire.
  • Mesh Openning 50*100mm, 100*100mm, 200*100mm, 76.2*76.2mm, 50.8mm x 50.8mm.
  • Physical Test of Tensile Strenth of more than 500 Mpa, Elongation At Failure of more than 3%, Tensile Strenth At Welding Spot between 250-350 Mpa.
  • Our automate mechanical equipments are strictly in accordance to the BS1052:1986 standard.

Our Supply

  • Product Case: Welded wire mesh Gabions, manufactured from TNS ‘s 10% Alu-Zinc Galfan 3.0mm wire
  • Wire: To BS1052Tensile strength: 500-600 Newtons per mm2, Yield strength: 430-530 Newtons per mm2
  • Galvanized : To EN 10244-2:2001, Galfan coating for 3mm diameter wire minimum 350gr/m2, Tolerance on the wire diameter +/- 0.025mm
  • New EC7 (eurocode for gabions) requires minimum coat weight of 350gr/m2, this Galfan coat weight is min 310gm
  • Configuation for a 1m x 1m x 1m gabion. 991mm x 991mm 991mm c/c on outside wires
  • Mesh Openning Size is 76.2mm x 76.2mm c/c, Mesh Panel is 13 meshes x 13 meshes
  • One clip every 3rd mesh, each end mesh must be clipped, where panels are clipped with SS CL35 clips
  • The units are supplied flat packed and are wired / helicalled / hogring clipped on site to form the box shapes.

Case Study

  • Material: 10% Alu-zinc steel wire, Galfan,
  • Wire Diameter: 5mm
  • Year of Made: 2008
  • Place: Tianjin City, North China.
  • Result: core is rusted as that is steel iron element, Fe, outside is Aluminum oxide membrane, which protect the wire from rusting & consuming lose.
  • These gabions were made of our Galfan wire, TNS  owns 100% Japan technology Alu-zinc surface passivation and plasticizing process, creating natural oxidiation films on surfaces for best anti-rusting effects in the world.
  • This is a failed case one United States customer purchased from an other gabion supplier.
  • Material: 275g/m2 hot dipped galvanized steel wire
  • Wire Diameter: 3mm
  • Year of Made: 2013
  • Place: City of Corona, Riverside, California, United States.
  • Result: complete rusted
  • These Gabions are exposed in a dry & hotter temperature environment.