Woven Gabions

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Woven Gabions

  • Woven Gabions are woven from machine, then cut & fold into different modules such as Gabion Basket, Reno Mattress, Rockfall Netting and sac.
  • Gabion wire is made of  combination of 2.7/3.4 mm diameter 270g/m2 hot dipped galvanized wire. 5% or 10% Alu-Zinc wire (Galfan) was recently applied.
  • The most popular gabion meshes are 80*100mm, 60*80mm.
  • The most popular gabion modules are 1*1*1m, 2*1*1m basket, 1*1*0.5m, 2*1*0.5m mattress, or 2*15m, 2*25m rockfall nettings.
  • We have the only one Japanese Gabion Weaving machine in China, better than all the Chinese Made Weaving Machine, this one produced the most precised & regulated mesh shape and size, however it is only for 60*80mm mesh.
  • We also have PVC powder – coating line, Automatic Selvege Machine, & Mesh Compressing Rolling Machine facilities.
  • We offer multiple PVC color options ( International RAL color system, however market mainly accept 6005 green & 7046 grey, 9011 black color).
woven gabion baskets

Our Supply

  • Our Galfan Supplier, TNS  is an Japanese Chinese Joint company whose galfan coating tech for 10% alu is superior on top.
  • We supply in integrated package (each set contains sides & lids fastened )
  • Machine selvedge wire.
  • Fastening by lacing wires, rings or clinch clips for woven gabions diaphrams as option.
  • Vertical and Horizontal twist by clients requirement.
  • Loading data: exalmple : one 40′ container loads 1700 – 1800 sets of PVC coated heavy galvanized more than 270g/m2 wire, 2.7mm diameter wire, dimension of 2,1,0.5m.

Testing Reports

  • Our lab own in-house tensile measure & salt spray facility, we issue factory certificate with every purchase you made with us.
  • Our gabions are featured in accordance with BSEN 10244-2, 2000, tensile strength of 350-500 n/mm2 as EN10223-3, BS 1052/80 & ASTM A641-97, elongation of 12% plus of ASTM A370-92, Gabions Tolerances ASTM A975-97. SGS provide Verification of conformity & CE certification according to EN 15381 , please notice that this SGS Test charge will be upon customer’s cost.
  • ASTM A975-11 for Tensile strength of clause 13.1.1, Pull-apart resistance test of clause 13.1.2, Salt spray test of clause 13.1.3, Punch test of clause 13.1.4, Metallic coating weight of clause 13.2 & PVC coating thickness of clause 13.3. Be aware the testing consumes time.

Case Study

  • This is a failed case one UK customer purchase from other gabion supplier.
  • PVC particle are second hand its melting extent are different from standard temperature required.
  • Coating tech is pool so as to the feeding speed and coating mount unevenly, it caused sleeve drop when twist and split to eventually lead to corrosion.
  • PVC color are incosisitant and faded into stain color due to ultraviolet light.
  • Mesh hole occurred during incoherent working streams.

How to Avoid Broken Hole on Mesh

  • Broken hole on mesh is a common problem during woven process, to avoid broken holes on the mesh is a big management challenge for labor dense manufacturers, workers have to be extremely concentrating on the tube check and rolling monitoring, especially when shift works.